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Tuesday - Thursday
8:00am - 5:00pm

(no lunch break)


We require notice of 48 business hours for cancelling or rescheduling any appointments. Because we are closed on Mondays, this means that cancellations of Tuesday appointments must be made no later than the previous Thursday.


There is a charge of $50 per treatment hour for appointments that are rescheduled or cancelled less than 48 business hours in advance.

Many dental practices require their staff to cut hours or clock out when there are unfilled blocks of time in the schedule, but we pay our staff regardless. At the start of each week, our schedule is always full, but we invariably have late cancellations, which often requires the staff to spend hours trying to fill gaps.


Last-minute cancellations and no-shows are impossible to fill. This has become a costly problem, so the cancellation policy will be strictly enforced.

Thank you for your understanding.


We are located in Seattle's Beautiful Magnolia Neighborhood

3107 W McGraw St Seattle, WA 98199

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