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Serving Seattle's Magnolia Neighborhood since 2004


Brennan Dental opened its doors in August 2004 when Dr. Jody Brennan hung up her shingle and started from scratch. Having worked previously as a dental assistant and hygienist, it was important to her to build something based on her own values, ethics, and experiences instead of following someone else's path.  


Brennan Dental prides itself on providing exceptional dentistry in a warm, welcoming, relaxed environment. The team is caring, fun-loving, respectful and kind. High-anxiety patients and those who have suffered bad dental experiences in the past will find a comfortable, compassionate dental home here.


Brennan Dental, caters to every age group and demographic. Though highly professional, we are laid-back and casual. You will most likely find Dr. Brennan in jeans and cowboy boots, and you will hear a lot of laughter from the team. 


Dr. Brennan is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Dentistry. She
received her undergraduate degree in Dental Hygiene from Onondaga Community
College in Syracuse NY and her Dental Assisting certification from Bryman Education Center in Anaheim CA. Dr. Brennan is currently Affiliate Faculty at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, and has served the dental community for over 30 years.


Dr. Brennan believes learning is a life-long experience and completes many hours of continuing education annually. She actively participates in a Tucker Dental Study
Group, the local Associated Ferrier Gold Foil Study Group and Women in Dentistry
Practice Management Study Club. Dr. Brennan is also a member of the Magnolia
Community Council.


Patients are Dr. Brennan's first priority. Her philosophy of care and values are
excellence in clinical care and focusing on each individual patient. She enjoys taking time with patients to listen carefully, examine thoroughly, discuss options and then develop a plan of care customized for each individual.
Jody was born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon, and lived in California and New York before settling in Washington.
Jody moved to Magnolia in 2000, and loves living and practicing dentistry in a friendly community.  
When out of the office, Jody puts family first and is especially fond of spending time with her four grandkids. She enjoys traveling, riding motorcycles, water sports, skiing, reading, music, and house projects.

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